500 Piece Photo Puzzle

500 Piece Photo Puzzle

SKU: P0002

A large print of your photo is sealed onto cardboard - 65 x 45cm. This in turn will be cut by a puzzle die, which is passed through a high-pressure machine. The puzzle pieces are then placed in a protective ziploc bag, sealed and then covered in our high quality puzzle box along with your photo. You can decide whether your photo should be sealed on the outside of the box or placed on the inside of the box together with the puzzle pieces.

A Jigsaw puzzle can be created from any photo. Seeing your own creation made into a photo jigsaw, makes puzzle making even more fun.

Make sure your original photos are in a good condition and big enough for us to enlarge to make your photo puzzle. Photos of 300dpi or more than 3mb will normally be large enough to produce a good quality digital image file.

When placing order, please send seperate email with order ID in subject line with the photo you would like to have "puzzled" attached.

* Please note delivery takes +-2 weeks from date payment is received.